Author: Ashley McQuaid

The Value of a Sitemap

In my work, sitemaps are notoriously difficult to present to clients… they’re super dense; they come at the start of a project when you’re just dying to see new visuals; and worst they involve a stranger (me) digging into the depths of your website, turning up your dirty laundry and moving everyone’s stuff around. But this process is a good one, I promise! It’s even perhaps my favorite deliverable to create. This article for RDW’s Change Agents helps to allay common fears and illuminate the purpose of a good sitemap.

How to Create a Web Persona

When crafting personas to represent your website’s users, it’s tempting to include every possible demographic variation you can think of, make life stories as accurate as possible, and create extensive lists of tasks each individual is going to want to complete. In this article I discuss how we create personas at iFactory, and provide tips for keeping your personas focused and efficient.

Structuring a UX Working Session

In this article for Change Agents, I talk about my method for structuring a wireframe working session with clients. This is a working session that’s done after brainstorming and discovery has taken place; you’re finishing a concrete deliverable that will feed the rest of the process. This is a technique that’s great for building camaraderie between teams and making the most of a tight schedule.