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Structuring a UX Working Session

In this article for Change Agents, I talk about my method for structuring a wireframe working session with clients. This is a working session that’s done after brainstorming and discovery has taken place; you’re finishing a concrete deliverable that will feed the rest of the process. This is a technique that’s great for building camaraderie between teams and making the most of a tight schedule.

Creating work and sharing feedback with your clients in person is an important part of the creative process. A good working session allows you to take full advantage of a client’s subject matter expertise and to ask questions and refine your work in real time. Similarly, clients can learn more about the process, make the most of a tight project timeline, and ensure that everything is being considered in their redesign.

As the first point in the design process where clients will have a visual of a “real” site, wireframes present a prime opportunity for a working session. While they are visual, wireframes tread a fine line between abstract and concrete. This can be challenging to wrap your head around when you are not a user experience designer yourself. As such, the working session should be planned with care.

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